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(formerly known as TICKETS FOR TIME)

To volunteer as a Room Representative, Party Volunteer, Silent Auction Committee, Student/Parent Breakfast, Book Cart, Read Naturally, Hospitality, Library, Mountain Vista, Talent Show, Lakeside Night, 6th Grade Continuation, etc.

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 Check out our *new* Legislative Information page - click here for more information regarding the JeffCo Board of Education upcoming election!

This new website will be a one-stop shop and will help keep our Fairmount Community even more informed!

To visit the Fairmount Elementary School website, please click here.


Open PTA Coordinator Positions

Please click here to see more information on the following Open PTA Coordinator Positions:

        1. Fairmount 5K Graphic Design Position
        2. Press Club
        3. Math Club
        4. 6th Grade Continuation Coordinator
        5. Talent Show Co-Coordinator
We need your help!  If we do not get these positions filled, they will go away.
Grab a friend and do it together!
Please help us to keep our Fairmount Community strong!!!


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Reloadable King Soopers/Safeway Grocery Cards!

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Fairmount 2015-16 Yearbooks!

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Deadline for Baby Yearbook Page is December 4th!


We are very happy to announce that our new website will make it easy for parents to make all of their PTA purchases, complete PTA paperwork and sign up for PTA volunteer opportunities online.  This means our parents will save time - no more paperwork (reduced paperwork in your Friday Folders) and no pesky service fees and all from the comfort of your own home at any time you like!

This new website will be a one-stop shop and will help keep our Fairmount Community even more informed!

We are working hard to add information that will help our parents stay connected with our PTA and school community.